DIY Ribs: The Next Best Thing to Silver Bullet’s Authentic Bar-B-Q

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DIY Ribs: The Next Best Thing to Silver Bullet’s Authentic Bar-B-Q

Summertime is upon us, and for the team here at Silver Bullet Bar-B-Q that means one thing: it’s time to cook some ribs! Starting the weekend of May 30th in Pickering, we took off across Ontario and New Brunswick to bring our award winning ribs, chicken, and pulled pork to a city near you. If you simply can’t wait for us to come into town, or if you’re looking to blow the lid off your next backyard barbeque, we’ve compiled a small list of some mouth-watering recipes that ought to do the trick.

With sauce and dry rub recipes that originated in the heart of Texas, Silver Bullet does it big, creating a sweet, smoky flavour with just the right amount of kick. Each of the recipes below feature tasty pork-ribs smothered in a sweet and smoky sauce.

1. The Ultimate Smoky, Sweet Ribs

‘Sweet’ and ‘smoky’ are our magic words. This first recipe originates north of Texas, from the rib-loving city of St. Louis. With applewood smoking chips as a main ingredient, this smoky recipe gets our stamp of approval.

2. Smokey Ribs
We promise this next recipe packs a bigger punch than its title suggests. With a ¼ cup of Cajun seasoning in the mix, these ribs are sure to pack a Louisiana sized punch. Like it hot? Make it ½ cup; we dare you.

3.Sweet Smoked Pork Ribs

Bar-b-q lovers with a sweet tooth, this recipe is for you. This next recipe features white sugar, brown sugar, and apple juice in its original sauce recipe, creating a sweeter flavour reminiscent of Kansas-style bar-b-q. Trust us, you’ll like it.

4.Last Meal Ribs

The title of this recipe suggests these are the last ribs you’ll ever need to taste. They obviously haven’t tried Silver Bullet’s ‘Blue Ribbon’ ribs, but with a detailed set of instructions, this recipe aims to impress.

Of course the best way to get the Silver Bullet taste at home is to use our very own bar-b-q sauce. You can pick this up in our hometown of Guelph at the Wellington Country and Mosborough Markets, or in Kitchener at Robert’s Boxed Meats and TA Appliances. If these aren’t convenient locations for you, grab a bottle of our savory sauce when we roll into town this summer. We can’t wait to serve you!

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