Pork Ribs Around the World

  • A photo of pork tacos made on a ribfest bbq in Ontario

Pork Ribs Around the World

When you first think of ribs, fatty spare ribs or lean baby backs probably come to mind. However there are many different ways to cook pork ribs and each country has their own traditional way!

In Spain and Latin America, “Costillas” is what they call their pork rib dish. The two typical ways to prepare these ribs are to simmer it in a spicy salsa or shred it for tacos.

In China they make a popular breakfast broth out of the rib bones called “Bak Kut Teh”. Mixing different herbs and often cabbage to this dish, it can be either medicinal or purely savory. Eating pork ribs in China you will often find they are cooked to a signature bright red colour!

The Italians do pork ribs similarly to Americans by just braising the ribs with a tomato-based sauce. This dish is called Spuntature al sugo. Yummy!

Does your mouth water for spicy ribs? Then you would love how the Jamaicans cook their ribs! They cook their pork ribs with a jerk rub to give them a spicy, island-style flavour.

Pork ribs are popular around the world just cooked and prepared differently! Try out some of these dishes at home to spice up your traditional pork ribs.


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