The Do’s and Don’ts of a Good BBQ Sauce

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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Good BBQ Sauce

Whether you’re looking to purchase the perfect BBQ sauce or make it yourself, we’d like to share what we think are the most important Do’s and Don’ts of any finger lickin’ recipe.

Steer clear of peanuts. Plenty of folks have nut allergies and the best way to avoid putting any friends or family at risk is to exclude nuts altogether. The only reason you want a guest leaving your BBQ twice the size is because they ate too much!

Avoid using MSG. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) doesn’t actually have a flavour of its own. Instead, it’s used to enhance the flavour of other foods, including spices, seasonings, and condiments. We think it’s best to let your BBQ sauce speak for itself. Plus, who really wants to eat something that comes with a list of potential side effects.

Keep your BBQ sauce gluten-free. The gluten-centric diet of most North Americans has resulted in more and more gluten aversions. As a result, many health conscious individuals try to avoid gluten entirely. Whether it’s to avoid ab allergic reaction or to maintain a balanced lifestyle, gluten-free is a good choice.

Keep it traditional and make your BBQ sauce sweet and smoky. There are plenty of sauces on the shelves that will do the trick, just make sure that they are peanut, MSG, and gluten free. Look for sauces that use ingredients such as sugar and applesauce for an extra sweet taste.

Introduce a little bit of a kick to keep things interesting. We think a little spice if always a good idea. If you’re really l
looking to crank it up a notch, add some Cajun seasoning, chili peppers, or your favourite hot sauce to the mix.

If you’re looking to keep it as simple as possible, pick up a bottle of our very own Silver Bullet BBQ sauce. It’s gluten free, peanut free, and there’s no MSG!

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