What is the best type of BBQ sauce?

  • Best BBQ sauces available in Ontario.

What is the best type of BBQ sauce?

Here at Silver Bullet BBQ, we love a good barbecue sauce. Our house made sauce is thick, flavourful and has just the right amount of spice. Lots of people are probably most familiar with this type of sauce, but did you know there are other kinds? Here is our guide to regional varieties of barbecue sauce.

North Carolina

Barbecue sauce with a vinegar base is native to North Carolina. The most basic vinegar sauce is made of white or cider vinegar and pepper flakes or cayenne pepper, but can be intensified by adding brown sugar, salt and black pepper—and even a dash of hot sauce. It goes best with pork shoulder and whole hog, because of its tanginess. The thinness of the sauce means the meat can absorb the sauce rather than being smothered by it. Delish!

Memphis and St. Louis

A slightly thinner version of what most people are used to, Memphis and St. Louis style sauce is made from vinegar and tomato. BBQ joints all over North America will often carry this kind of sauce. Runny, sweet and sour, with a kick of black pepper—it’s great for pork ribs because it complements the smokey flavour.

Kansas City

Also known as heavy tomato, tomato and sugar BBQ sauce was made popular by brands like Heinz. Heavy tomato sauces are full of flavour. You can find this kind of sauce in Kansas City smokehouses. Use sparingly—or not!—because it won’t penetrate too deeply into the meats. Goes best with a big rack of spare ribs or smoked beef brisket.

South Carolina

It may seem strange to have a mustard-based barbecue sauce, but this kind of sauce is king in South Carolina. It’s primarily used to add a bit of tang to pulled pork, but keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way!


Called ‘white sauce’ in its native Alabama, this sauce has a mayonnaise base with flavours of vinegar, lemon juice and black pepper. Again, this sauce goes great with some slow cooked pulled pork, or you can try it with chicken too.


We couldn’t talk about BBQ without talking about Texas. Traditional BBQ joints in the Lone Star State are made from meat drippings and won’t likely have any sweeteners—but lots of spice. Cumin, ancho chilli, pepper, onion combine with the drippings to make this medium thick sauce, which goes great with smoked beef.

When it comes to BBQ sauces, there are so many to choose from. But if you want the best, try our house made Silver Bullet BBQ Sauce!

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